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1153 Crocheted Butterflies & Counting!!

A great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful ladies in our community who crocheted, and are still crocheting butterflies for our Christmas Remembrance Trees!!

So far we have collected 1153 butterflies and have surpassed our goal of 1000! If you have butterflies to drop off or are still wanting to crochet more, please do so. These butterflies will be used for years to come and will serve as a symbol of comfort to someone who has lost a loved one.

Thank you to all of you who have given your time and are still giving your time to crochet butterflies! It is so much appreciated! We look forward to many more butterflies gracing our hospice doorstep.

Please come by during our Christmas Remembrance Tree event this year, take a look at your beautiful butterflies, perhaps write a card, and take a butterfly for a loved one of your own. The event and details will be posted closer to the date

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