Hike for Hospice

May 3 - 9, 2021

You do your Hike (max. 5km)

$6530 Raised


Pledge Campaign

March 15 - May 2, 2021



The Quesnel & District Hospice Palliative Care Association presents a VIRTUAL Hike for Hospice, an online fundraising initiative that allows people to register and hold their own symbolic ‘walk’ while still fundraising for an important cause.


This event is an opportunity to come together virtually to raise money to help provide compassionate, quality care for people with life-limiting illness and grief support for our community. 

The fundraising total and prize winners will announced May 9, 2021. 


All proceeds raised by the Quesnel & District Hospice Palliative Care Association stays in the community of Quesnel

What are we fundraising for?

1. A bariatric Broda chair for Dunrovin Lodge

2. A new palliative mattress for GRB Hospital


Pledge A Team

click on who you want to pledge below

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There will be prizes for the top 3 fundraising teams, businesses, and individuals. If you, your team, or businesses raise more than $100, you will be entered into an additional prize draw.


Send us your pics of the strangest place you hiked or what costume you hiked in.

Now is the time to come together, while staying apart


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two registration forms?


There are two different registration options to sign up for Hike for Hospice.


The Online Registration form allows you to create your own fundraiser page that tracks your online and offline pledges. You can then share your page on social media or by email so people can make pledges.


The Mail-in Registration form is for those of us that prefer a more traditional method of fundraising. Fill out the Mail-in Registration Form and mail to us directly. The mailing address is on the form. You can also scan or take a picture of the completed mail-in registration form and email it to us as well.

If I register online, do I still have to use the downloadable pledge form for offline pledges?


Yes. The downloadable pledge form is for tracking offline pledges for people that donated by cheque, money order, or e-transfer. Mail or email the Offline Pledge form and pledges to us so that we can send the donor a charitable reciept for their contribution.

How do I track pledges if I registered online?

When you register online, automatically tracks your online pledges for you.


You can track your offline pledges as well, but you have enter them manually. The process is quite simple. Please use the downloadable Offline Pledge Form as well for pledges made by cheque, money order, or e-transfer so that we can send the donor a charitable donation receipt for their contribution.

How do I make an E-transfer pledge?

Anyone can make an e-transfer pledge. Let the participant you are pledging know that this is how you are supporting them so they can add it to their Fundraiser Page and to their Offline Pledge Form. Our staff will then mail you a charitable donation receipt. E-transfer pledges can be done by using the following email

How do I raise pledges during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, including how to fundraise and gather pledges. The QDHPCA has linked all the fundraiser pages of participants and teams on this page to help people find you. People can also use make their pledges online by pressing the button below to find your fundraiser team on


Below are some other ideas on how to raise pledges during COVID-19:

1. Share your fundraiser page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2. Make your fundraiser page personal. Add stories of why you are hiking

3. Share your fundraiser page with friends & family

4. Update your Facebook post weekly

5. Email your fundraiser page to friends & family

6. Print off the participant poster and hang up in your place of business or work

7. Post on Messenger to your friends & family

8. Carry the participant poster, pledge sheets, and an envelope with you when visiting people in your bubble


Do I give receipts to the people who gave me pledges?

No, if you are gathering pledges online through our fundraiser event, then emails a receipt to the donor.


If you are gathering offline pledges, such as cheques, money orders, or e-transfer pledges, then fill out the downloadable pledge sheet with the donor's information. Mail the cheques, money orders, and e-transfer information to us along with the pledge sheet and we will send the donors a receipt.

Do I have to hike every day from May 3-9?

No, you do your hike on whatever day works for you from May 3 - 9 up to a maximum of 5km.



Contact Us


Email us  photos of how you did your "Hike"


Tag us on Facebook, using the hashtag



Get creative. 

Jump on your elliptical, treadmill or stationary bike

Run up and down the stairs

Do a YouTube workout

​Share your online fundraising page with friends and family.

Join together virtually for a walk, run or bike ride.

Take the dog for a 5km run.

Grab your family and take a walk around the block.

Take the horse out for a trot or the ATV out for a burn.

Walk around the living room or do a couple laps on the stairs.

You do you to keep safe in 2021