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Quesnel Hospice

900 St Laurent Avenue
Quesnel, BC
V2J 3S3
Phone: 250-985-5844



In the mid-1990s, the Quesnel & District Hospice Palliative Care Association knew Quesnel residents would benefit from having a dedicated Hospice unit. Thus a fundraising campaign began.


The community of Quesnel raised almost $1,000,000 towards the building and furnishing of Quesnel's Hospice House. This included a five year campaign by the Quesnel Rotary Club that raised $100,000. 


With the assistance of the QDHPCA, Quesnel residents, Northern Health, and the Cariboo Chilcotin Hospital Regional District, the dream came true in the summer of 2009 when the Hospice Palliative Care Unit opened at Dunrovin Park Lodge.

At the Hospice Unit, there are three dedicated palliative beds for people facing an end-of-life illness and three respite beds for community use. The Hospice Unit promotes a calm, serene environment where patients and families can spend their time together. Nurses trained specifically in palliative care provide dedicated, around-the-clock care.

If you feel the Quesnel Hospice Unit could be an option for you and your loved ones and would like to further explore this end-of-life-option, talk to your physician for a referral to this program.

FAQs about Palliative Care


Quesnel Hospice


Palliative Care is offered to a person whose disease is no longer curable. It is not offered with the intent to speed up or delay death. Palliative care aims to comfort the patient and family by addressing physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and informational needs. The Northern Health Palliative Care Program supports the health care team to help patients enjoy the best quality of life until death.

How do I get my loved one admitted to Quesnel Hospice?

Your Primary Care Physician needs to designate your loved one as palliative. They can assist you in filling out the paperwork for referral to Hospice. When a bed comes available, you will be contacted.

Is there a team that helps with my loved one's care? Can I talk to this team?

The team caring for your loved one includes their physician, nurses, care aides, social workers, aboriginal support, and palliative care nurses. Extra support can requested, such as a palliative care social worker, grief counsellors, and spiritual support. Consult the nursing staff with any concerns or questions you may have

May I visit my loved one at anytime?

Yes. There are no restrictions for visitors

Can I stay with my loved one? If so, where do I sleep?

A loved one can spend the night in Hospice. One room has a foldout sofa and other rooms have cots for overnight guests.

As a visitor, can I use the bathroom? Is there a space that I shower if I spend the night with my loved one?

There is a visitors bathroom on the Hospice unit. Unfortunately, there is no shower facilities for visitors.

As a visitor, can I get meals or tea/coffee?

Unfortunately, there is no meals available for purchase by visitors. Each room is equipped with a cart that has a small fridge, coffee maker and kettle for visitors and your loved one to use

Where do I park while visiting hospice?

There is visitor parking outside of Hospice, including wheelchair accessible parking close to Quesnel Hospice's entrance.

What kind of beds does Quesnel Hospice have?

Each bed is designed with air mattresses to help reduce pressure points and sores. On each side rail, there is a patient control panel that can be used to raise and lower the top/bottom of the bed as to their comfort needs.

Can my loved one and I go outside onto the patio and into the gardens?

Yes. The patio has access for patients by wheelchair or even the beds. The gardens can be accessed by wheelchair.

Will I need to do my loved one's personal care or is there staff to do this?

There is dedicated nursing staff to Quesnel Hospice that are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with your loved one's personal care. It is acceptable if you would like to assist or participate with your loved one's care as well.

Is there a cost for my loved one to be in Quesnel Hospice?

Yes, there is a daily per diem fee that is adjusted and set annually by the BC Government. If your loved one qualifies, there is a Temporary Rate Reduction application that can be filled out and reviewed. The Palliative Care Social Worker, your Home Nurse, your physician, or your Hospital Discharge Planner can assist with this application. However, this per diem is not retroactive if a patient is admitted before the application and decision is made. They will have to pay the per diem from admission to the date the application is accepted.

Do I have to pay for medications?

Once a patient is registered into the Palliative Care Benefits Program (Plan P), most medications are covered by BC Medical. Northern Health pharmacy provides the medications directly to the Quesnel Hospice unit. If a patient has third-party medical insurance, this information is also forwarded to the Northern Health pharmacy and billed directly to the third-party insurance.

My loved one has been talking about spiritual issues. Is there someone they or myself can talk to?

There are many spiritual leaders and clergymen of every faith in Quesnel. Talk to nursing staff or click the butterfly at the bottom of the page for spiritual support resources in the Quesnel area

I am having trouble managing my emotions. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Yes, you can reach out to any multi-disciplinary team member for support. There is also grief counselling available through Northern Health. Click on the butterfly at the bottom of the page for grief support resources in Quesnel

Who do talk to if I have questions about my loved one's care? Is there someone in charge?

You can discuss your concerns with the nurses in Hospice or with the Charge Nurse. Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Dunrovin Lodge Manager and Clinical Practice Leader are available Monday-Friday from 0800-1600

Can I bring personal items into the room?

Yes, personal items, such  as toiletries, clothing, special blankets, and pictures, are the family's responsibility to provide for patient use.

Only one bed is available at Quesnel Hospice. One patient is awaiting the bed in hospital and one person is awaiting the bed in community. Who gets the bed?

This will be a team decision based on the patient's Palliative Performance Scale (PPS), overall care needs, and any safety-related concerns for the patient and family

I noticed there is a kitchen and common room Can my loved one and I go into these rooms? Can I cook for my loved one? Can I eat there? Can I paly the piano or watch the TV?

The kitchen is available for families to use to cook meals and eat with their loved ones. Food prepared at home or take-out/delivery orders can also be brought in for loved ones. The common area, TV and piano are available to use by family.

It would be a great comfort to my loved one if their beloved pet could come to visit. Is this possible?

Pets are permitted to visit but must be on a leash when out in the common areas


Spiritual Care 




Grief Support and

Mental Health resources


The Community Producers: Quesnel Hospice and Palliative Care

The Community Producers: Quesnel Hospice and Palliative Care

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