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FAQs about Palliative Care


Dunrovin Park Lodge

*all info is subject to Northern Health and BC Centre for Disease Control guidelines

Palliative Care is offered to a person whose disease is no longer curable. It is not offered with the intent to speed up or delay death. Palliative care aims to comfort the patient and family by addressing physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and informational needs. The Northern Health Palliative Care Program supports the health care team to help patients enjoy the best quality of life until death.

My loved one has been at Dunrovin Park Lodge as a long-term resident. I would not be surprised if they passed away within this next year. Can they get palliative care?

Yes, Dunrovin Park Lodge provides palliative care for all residents. Your loved one's physician is who designates a resident as palliative.

Is there a team that helps with my loved one's care? Can I talk to this team?

The Palliative Care Health team caring for your loved one includes their physician, nurses, care aides, social workers, aboriginal support, and palliative care volunteers. Extra support can requested, such as a palliative care social worker, grief counsellors, and spiritual support. Consult the nursing staff with any concerns or questions you may have

What does the Palliative Care Health team do?

The team provides care to help with symptom relief of such things as pain, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, and insomnia. They also provide information regarding care options and referral services such as grid counselling and volunteer services.

Will my loved one's symptoms be managed?

Yes, symptoms will be controlled for stable and predictable outcomes

May I visit my loved one at anytime?

Yes. There are no restrictions for visitors of residents who are palliative

Can I stay with my loved one? If so, where do I sleep?

You can spend the night with a loved one. A cot is provided for overnight guests. Ask your nurse for more information

As a visitor, can I use the bathroom? Is there a space that I shower if I spend the night with my loved one?

There is visitors bathroom through out Dunrovin Park Lodge. Unfortunately, there is no shower facilities for visitors.

As a visitor, can I get meals or tea/coffee?

Unfortunately, there is no meals available for purchase by visitors. Each palliative resident or family can request a palliative cart that is equipped with a small fridge, coffee maker and kettle for visitors and your loved one to use

Where do I park while visiting Dunrovin Park Lodge?

There is visitor parking outside of Dunrovin, including wheelchair accessible parking.

Can my loved one and I go outside if my loved one wishes to?

Yes. There are several small gardens and patios that can be accessed by wheelchair. Ask you nurse for more information

Will I need to do my loved one's personal care or is there staff to do this?

There is dedicated nursing staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with your loved one's personal care. It is acceptable if you would like to assist or participate with your loved one's care as well.

Do I have to pay for medications?

Once a patient is registered into the Palliative Care Benefits Program (Plan P), most medications are covered by BC Medical. Northern Health pharmacy provides the medications directly to Dunrovin Park Lodge. If a patient has third-party medical insurance, this information is also forwarded to the Northern Health pharmacy and billed directly to the third-party insurance.

My loved one has been talking about spiritual issues. Is there someone they or myself can talk to?

There are many spiritual leaders and clergymen of every faith in Quesnel. Talk to nursing staff or contact us to help you connect with them. Click on the butterfly for spiritual care resources in Quesnel

I am having trouble managing my emotions. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Yes, you can reach out to any multi-disciplinary team member for support. There is also grief counselling available through the Palliative Care Social Worker. Click on the butterfly for grief support resources in Quesnel

Who do talk to if I have questions about my loved one's care? Is there someone in charge?

You can discuss your concerns with the nurses in Hospice or with the Charge Nurse. Both are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The manager and Clinical Practice Leader are available Monday-Friday from 0800-1600

Can I bring personal items into the room?

yes. persona items, such  as toiletries, clothing, special blankets, and pictures, are the family's responsibility to provide for patient use.

It would be a great comfort to my loved one if their beloved pet could come to visit. Is this possible?

Pets are permitted to visit

There is a Hospice unit in Dunrovin Park Lodge. Can my loved one be transferred there?

Once admitted to Dunrovin, palliative care will be provided within the facility. Residents do not get transferred to Quesnel Hospice


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