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12 Days of Desserts

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Thank you, Quesnel, for helping us raise over $6,900 in bids & donations to help fulfill palliative care needs in the Quesnel area

A HUGE thank you to everyone that participated and to those that donated in support of the Quesnel & District Hospice Palliative Care Association and the twelve Days of Desserts.

The Twelve Days of Desserts was a fundraiser for the Quesnel & District Hospice Palliative Care Association. The Facebook dessert auction began each day at 8:00am and closed at 6pm from February 1-12, 2022. The minimum bid was $50, then rose in $5 increments. In order to bid, participants had to comment on the dessert Facebook post directly. The winning bidder was then contacted via private message to make arrangements to pay and to pick up their dessert. Some desserts were ready immediately and some were made to order.

Did you "Like", "Share", or tag a friend on Facebook about the Twelve Days of Desserts?

If so, you were entered in a draw on January 31, 2022

Donated by Long Table Grocery

$50 gift certificate

Winner: Shelley England

Donated by Evie Bassett

Winner Bidder: Angie Wesselink


Donated by: Chef Jennifer Lineger-Johnston of Petty Catwater

Winning Bidder: Carlos Gonzalez


Donated by Quesnel Bakery

Winning Bidder: Sarah Foley


Donated by Laurey-Anne Roodenburg

Winning Bidder: Lani Kershaw Kuehn


Donated by Brenda Gardiner

Winner Bidder: Vicky Predan


Donated by Linda Lecomte

Winning Bidder: Ashley Schmidt


Donated by May Bateman

Winning Bidder: Matthew Mitchell


Winning Bidder: Troy Purmal


Winning Bidder: Nichole England


Donated by Leah Combs

Winning Bidder: Alanna Crocker Givens


Donated by Mike Ernst (in memory of Grandma Jean Meir)

Winning Bidder: Alanna Crocker Givens


Donated by Barb Clapton

Winner Bidder: Alanna Crocker Givens


Donated by Mike Ernst (in memory of his Grandmother, Jean Muir)

Winner Bidder: Sherry Webster


Also, a HUGE thank you to Clayton's Funeral Directors for their $2,375.00 donation in support of the QDHPCA's Twelve Days of Desserts

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