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2021 - New Year's Wreath Online Auction

Thank you to everyone that bid on a New Year's Wreath donated by Moose Meadows Farm for this charity event that ran from Dec 28, 2021 to Jan. 2, 2022

Thank you to everyone who bid!

Wreath #1

"Heart of the Cariboo"

High Bid of $85.00 by Brenda Warkentin

Wreath #2

"Twelfth Night"

High Bid of $75.00 by Carol Weremy

Wreath #3


High Bid of $85.00 by April Webb

Wreath #4

"Berries & Butterflies"

High Bid of $85.00 by Carol Weremy

Wreath #5

"Beauty & Majesty"

High Bid of $100.00 by Virginia Paller

Wreath #6

"Winter's Garden”

High Bid of $90.00 by Debbie Strang

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