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500 Scrub Caps & Counting

Updated: May 1, 2020

Written April 25, 2020 by Beth Crosson

Article to be published May 6, 2020 in the Quesnel Observer

In late March, when I heard that the supply of masks were in very short supply, I contacted GR Baker Hospital to see if I could make masks. At that time, I was asked by Adele Worrall, the hospital administrator, if I could make scrub caps instead, rather than masks.

After a few attempts with a rather complicated pattern, I was able to draw up a pattern from a Youtube tutorial. Once realizing how many caps were needed, I started recruiting and handing out the cap pattern to my friends from the rec center. And then, we were able to get ladies from the Quesnel Quilters Guild on board.

We all were very happy to use fabrics and notions from our personal "stash". We received a very generous donation from West Fraser Mills to purchase more fabric and elastic and a fabric donation from Grace Boudreau. As far as how long it takes to make a cap, I'm not going to comment on that as we all have different tricks and sewing techniques.

Adele Worrall has been allocating the caps to the Doctors, nurses, and all departments as needed. We all have been happy and eager to help in some small way to keep our health care workers safe.

I would like to thank all the wonderful ladies that helped out with this project. Without each and everyone of them, this would not have happened…..500 caps and counting.

Scrub Cap Sewing Ladies

Beth Crosson Sally Service Wendy Fisher Heather Mallory Evie Bassett Diane Gagnon Sandy Brunt Lorraine Hipkiss Marilyn Rollo Denise Trueman Barb Watson Roberta Willsie Wyn McDevitte Heather Foreman Val Bergeron Sharron Brooks Carolyn Draginov Tammi Gregory Heather Rhodes Eleanor Clark Liz Neaves

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