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2017 - Celebrate a Life

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Written by Sherry Webster (2017 QDHPCA Executive Secretary)

Christmas can be a very difficult time of year, especially for those who have experienced the death of a loved one, either recently, or long ago. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season with all of its preparations and demands can simply be too overwhelming for those who are grieving. Many people are uncertain of how to proceed, or how to honour their loved ones.

The Quesnel & District Hospice Palliative Care Association, through their Celebrate a Life event, hopes to offer a small measure of comfort to those who are grieving this holiday season.

We are offering two ways to remember.

From December 1st to 10th, Memorial Christmas Trees will be on display at West Park Mall. Anyone wishing to illuminate a light in memory of their loved ones are welcome to come and join us. Palliative Care volunteers will be at the Memorial Christmas Trees to offer their assistance and support.

On December 10th, at 2:00pm our Celebrate a Life event concludes with a Gathering of Remembrance at Clayton’s Event Hall at 582 Front Street. This non-denominational gathering allows us to honor our loved ones and to reflect on our memories. Soft music, listening to speakers and readers and taking part in a candle lighting ceremony create a beautiful, peaceful, healing experience.

Refreshments will be served following the Gathering.

We hope you can join us. There is no charge to take part in these community commemorative events.

Anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one is welcome to attend.

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